The Tie That Binds: Group Exhibition

The tie that binds one, binds us all. We are inextricably connected, seemingly isolated the bonds made in life can hold us. Be it through ritual, philosophy, location or dislocation these threads wind, bind and serve in providing a logic and clarity explored and shared.

  • Opening Date: Tuesday, 15 March 2016
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 10 April 2016
  • Opening Time: Tues-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 11am-4pm

I N   C O N V E R S A T I O N: Artists discuss their careers and what inspires them.

Saturday 2 April at 3.00pm


Kenneth Merrick: Kenneth's work forms a basis for broad enquiry and eclectic ideas. Through an evolving interest in archetypal imagery, speculative spaces, pattern and form, his work orbits a myriad of influence and is arrived at through intuitive approaches, visual thought processes and d.i.y methods.  He holds a Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts (Painting) from Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, a Diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute, Auckland and a Bachelor of Music (Composition/Electronic Music) from the University of Auckland.

I N   C O N V E R S A T I O N
Artists discuss their careers and what inspires them.
Saturday 2 April at 3.00pm

Penny Howard: Penny Howard's practice is often concerned with the meeting of cultures and some of the shared superstitions and religious overlaps between Maori, Samoan, Irish, Scottish, & English cultures.The works produced are an expression of the artist finding and exploring her own cultural identity. 'For me it has been the mythology, religions, and bird lore. The birds have become significant as has the ocean'.

Penny Howard graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1995, she has work in the permanent collections of the Wallace Arts Trust, Waitakere City Council, Foundation North, Auckland Events Centre and Auckland University- installed in the Business School, Dept Critical Studies in Education, at the Auckland Family Court and in other private collections in China, U.K and Australia.

Aroha Gossage: Aroha explores ideas surrounding time, duration and change. Using the visual language of landscape painting my current practice explores the connection, spiritually and physically to the region of my Turangawaewae of Pakiri. From a Maori-Worldview and understanding of the beliefs of creation and the world of Te Ao Marama, I explore ways of creating images of the landscape of Pakiri that are imbued with the Wairua, the feeling and sense of the spirituality of the whenua. I seek to create a sense of the Mauri, the living life force, the energy and regeneration of the living environment.

My ancestral connections to the land that ties my people to this place and my tupuna of the past is a part of my identity, that makes me who I am and becomes part of the process of making and creating.

Christina Pataialii: Christina's multi-discplinary practice investigates aspects of cultural hybridity and diaspora. Her creative process develops through a responsive approach to memory and the immediate environment in an attempt to re-translate space through paint and found material.

Curated by Marlaina Key The Tie That Binds will coincide with the Pacific Arts Association International Symposium, hosted by the Auckland Museum between the 14th and 17th March 2016.




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