Rebecca Harris

“We can call ‘beautiful’ only that which suggests the existence of an ideal order; supra-terrestrial, harmonious and logical that yet bears within itself, like the brand of an original sin, the drop of poison, the rogue element of incoherence, the grain of sand that will foul up the entire system.” – Charles Baudelaire

  • Opening Date: Tuesday, 8 July 2014
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 27 July 2014
  • Opening Time: Tues to Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4pm

A Tussi Mussie is a small bouquet of flowers. In the Victorian times they gained a new dimension through floriography, the art of sending messages through flowers. Each and every flower and colour of flower had a meaning and a thought behind it, something that made the composition of a bouquet a complex and time- consuming process. Even the way a bunch of flowers was presented held a coded message, which could be of acute importance when the aim was to express feelings for a loved one.

Rebecca's works are an interpretation through a painterly method of the Tussie Mussie. Initially attractive, almost like a carnivorous flower beckons the insect, into an uneasy world of dark and subversive elements. In here a 'the drop of poison' resides. The decaying foliage and luscious flowers are expressive of a carnal world.
Rebecca has a Master of Fine Art with distinction in painting from Canterbury University, this is her first exhibition with Whitespace



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