Kenneth Merrick: Loops & Lines

Eclectic ideas are the source of Kenneth’s practice. His process stems from theories of Gestalt psychology, namely ‘Visual Thinking’ which involves the use of instinctual and non-linguistic formation of language.

  • Opening Date: Tuesday, 27 January 2015
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 15 February 2015
  • Opening Time: Tues to Fri 11-6pm, Sat 11-4pm

It is in his investigation of 'Visual Thinking' and attempts to make sense of the World through subconscious intelligence that he forms his own unique visual and conceptual language.  His work is further informed by personally accumulated experiences which include his Pacific heritage as well as a media saturated 80s adolescence filled with video games, comic books, encyclopaedias and libraries.


Loops & Lines consists of large format unstretched canvas wall hangings and is loosely framed by a variety of thematic frameworks and ideas.  Thematically, the works explore ideas of cultural heritage, hybridity and location.  The patterns and symbols used in his works are not in reference to any particular Pacific or cultural cues, but Kenneth does not deny that his European, Tongan and Maori culture have an inherent impact on his work.  With a curiosity about his metaphysical and geographical position within the World. He uses a series of processes. He starts with intuitive mark making and then an evolving line of questioning which serves to alleviate and investigate the tension of the unknown, whilst acknowledging that with each answer, there is another question.





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