Hold Your Breath

Abstract, fragmented and sometimes sinister, ‘Hold Your Breath’ explores the work of six artists as they play, re-imagine and share what holds value within each of their practice.

  • Opening Date: Tuesday, 10 June 2014
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 6 July 2014
  • Opening Time: Tues to Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4pm

Artists include: Chu Chin-Yi, Kenneth Merrick, Christina Pataialii, Marlon Rivers, Kathryn Tsui and Benjamin Work.

Chu Chin-Yi - With an MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, Chin-Yi's meticulous ink drawings demonstrate the interplay of precision and limitation, and the tension it evokes.  These works reveal both her patience and skill as an artist, as well as the inevitable obstacles that may occur in even the most precise conditions.

Kenneth Merrick - Somewhere amidst figures, fragmentary narrative, symbols, cultural experience, collective imagination, and speculative spaces lay the work of Kenneth Merrick. Merrick rummages around image, media, and material backlots in the thrill and hope of the find, creating works that simultaneously refract and hack historical and contemporary paradigms. Through image making Merrick seeks to both build and break connections with numerous phenomena that form the basis for a type of visual thinking, where the resulting work adheres to a type of internal logic but frequently fails at any endgame resolution.

Christina Pataialii - Currently in her third year at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Pataialii is interested in exploring memory through a re-staging and often re-purposing of discarded objects. These objects hold a sense of nostalgia that whilst seemingly romantic, is also laced with an underlying foreboding as she recreates memories though the use of still life.

Marlon Rivers - Lives and works in Hong Kong as a filmmaker. Video works are often constructed around central themes of migration and diaspora with an aesthetic approach that borrows aspects from the Direct Cinema genre. Current research interests include Sino-capitalist expansion with particular focus on the economic and cultural effects within Hong Kong society.

Kathryn Tsui - Tsui's cross-disciplinary art practice involves creating formalist works drawn from observations of everyday life which includes photography, drawing and sculpture. An observer of the immediate and local, she finds inspiration in her daily activities. The works that result from this process have an uncontrolled quality that is intentional and which she refers to as consequential formalism.

Benjamin Work - Work is a South Auckland-based visual artist of Tongan heritage. With a strong foundation in aerosol painting and graffiti, Work is a core member of the Auckland art collective, TMD.  In Hold Your Breath Work explores the latent power of the colours red and black also its association with violent acts, groupings and beliefs from the world view of the artist as a New Zealand born Tongan. Kula (red) and uli (black) have been present in Tongan thinking and practice for centuries and continues today.


Curated by Marlaina Key



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