Madeleine Child: Twig Pots Revisited

Part of the Auckland Festival of Ceramics 2017

  • Opening Date: Wednesday, 15 November 2017
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 3 December 2017
  • Opening Time: Tue-Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4pm

Harking back to those days when more than a few could recognise a dolomite speckle, and a display of twig pots was de rigeur - ours were mostly purchased from The Connoisseur - down in the basement of Dawsons the Jewellers. It seemed a fairly open form - anything that a piece or three of dried shivvery grass or lichen- covered stick could be poked in to, and arranged in an unarranged kind of way.

I added substantially to the collection with my first potteries - many became either garden ornaments or twig pots. It is a free form - heading towards sculpture - open-ended, any- ended and not requiring water tightness, handes or any of that stuff.





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