Entanglement: Group Exhibition

Caroline Earley, Hanna Petrick & Krystie Wade

  • Opening Date: Tuesday, 14 November 2017
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 3 December 2017
  • Opening Time: Tue-Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4pm

Hanna Petrick's work is driven by her fascination with the tangle of interrelationships within the ecosystem. With compositions derived from the morphology of architecture, geology and organic matter, her work explores the dynamics of intimate spaces: the nooks that we find to create a place out of, an experience, a daydream, a memory and an ambience.

Hanna Petrick graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland with a BFA (Hons). Primarily a painter working in both illustration and abstraction, her main focus is environment (in both senses of the word: ecology and setting); drawing inspiration from architecture, rock formations and organic matter. Her work involves a variety of materials and techniques, including the traditional technique of glazing.


Through painting, Krystie Wade reimagines our engagement with different landscapes, exploring and pulling apart the topographical, ecological, and emotional aspects of nature through multiple perspectives and dynamic colour compositions.

Krystie Wade graduated from Unitec in 2004 with a Bachelor of Design. She has exhibited in a number of exhibitions in New Zealand and abroad, including two exhibitions in Tokyo in 2009. She has also been a finalist in a number of awards, including the James Wallace Art Awards, Norsewear Art Award, Molly Morpeth Art Award, all in New Zealand, and the Agendo Art Awards in Melbourne, Australia. In 2009 her work was included in the book Seen this Century by Warwick Brown, and she was invited as an International Artist in Residence by the Can Serrat Art Centre in Spain.


Caroline Earley works are formal explorations where form, vestigial appendages and arrangements are combined to create conversations within each form and between multiple forms. The works occupy an undefined space between reductive minimalist geometry and curvilinear baroque exaggeration. Vestigial appendages protrude from stacked forms, investigating proportional relationships and the unsettled state between balance and imbalance.

Caroline Earley is currently based in the United States after a period of working and teaching in New Zealand. Her practice is grounded in the vessel tradition and emphasizes, and sometimes reverses, the relationship between form and function through the shifting interplay of form, appendage and surface. Her work was  included in the Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale 2011 in the Republic of Korea. Caroline Earley has a BFA from Ohio University , MFA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is currently Professor of Art- ceramics at Boise State University.

ARTIST TALK | Caroline Earley: Wednesday 15 October, 12.30pm.

Wednesday 15 November, 12.30pm




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