Sam Foley

“Known for his large, atmospheric studies of urban landscape, including urban parkland, Sam’s earlier oil paintings captured the pregnant stillness of sunlit glades and the quiet of the blacktops at evening where roads run ominously under trees.” (Peter Entwisle)

Within Sam Foley's paintings, the Dunedin-based artist's environs are rendered in meditative depictions of absent landscapes and historic sites. A graduate of Otago School of Art, Sam's beautifully rich yet starkly silent sites are knitted together with layers of observation and nostalgia. (P. Hunt)

There is a sense of disquiet in the large paintings of foliage with paths that wind to unknown destinations. Fascinated with light, Sam has developed from night scenes to day, capturing the reflections of sunlight falling between the leaves creating patterns of shadows. The glow in his large oil paintings seems like an illusion that Sam might actually capture sunlight, it is not an illusion but his mastery of the oil paints that create the luminosity in the works. He is capturing a finely nuanced experience. This is how his work transcends surrealism and advances to a different territory.

Sam has exhibited regularly throughout New Zealand and his work is held in public and private collections in New Zealand, Australia, and USA. He has received numerous prizes including Cleveland Art Awards, Park Lane Art Awards, and Norfolk House Realist Invitational. He is the 2014 recipient of the Kaipara Foundation Wallace Arts Trust Award, which included a 3 month residency at Altes Spital, in Switzerland.



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