• Greer Twiss: Shell Casings
  • Greer Twiss: Shell Casings

    Open: 05 September – 24 September 2017


    Greer Twiss has produced an astonishing body of work over six decades, and as demonstrated by this new exhibition, is still a fully productive, inventive and innovative figure.

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data[@alias='PageTitle']Jack Trolove

Opens: 26 September

Jack Trolove is the quintessential painter’s painter. His works are all about oil paint and how he applies it. He paints ‘wet on wet’, layering thick portions of fresh, intense colour beside and on top of one another to create the illusion of roughly hewn, three dimensional form.

View exhibition  data[@alias='PageTitle']Erin Forsyth

Opens: 04 October

These new works by Erin Forsyth, carefully researched over 18 months, illustrate key characteristics of threatened species of land and forest, the ecological relationships sustaining them and which, in turn, they sustain.

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data[@alias='PageTitle']DRAW opening at the Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei.

September 2017

Including Penny Howard and James Ormsby.

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Voices From A Mining Town

Mark Derby Paintings by Bob Kerr. $30.

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